Want 6 Pack Abs? Get in the Kitchen!

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Want 6 Pack Abs? Get in the Kitchen!

I wanted to deliver another myth-busting blog post and set the facts straight on something many men and woman want to achieve, but fail at because they look for answers in the wrong place.

Do you want washboard abs? Get out of the gym and get into the kitchen. What do I mean by this? No matter how overweight you are, everyone has a set of abdominal muscles that originate on the lower portion of your pelvic bone and insert onto your ribs and sternum. Even someone who has never done a sit-up or crunch in their life can have a visible 6-pack. How do they achieve this? By shedding body fat!

Don’t believe me that it’s all about losing fat? Take a gander at what high-end bodybuilders look like when they aren’t training for a show. These dudes get fat from eating the mass quantities of food needed to fuel their bleeding-edge muscle growth. These men have the most over-developed abs you will ever see and an inch or two of fat around the midsection covers it up like a wool blanket.

One of the biggest and most frustrating misconceptions you see on television are people marketing ab machines as a way to achieve that 6-pack look that everyone wants. It simply won’t happen. That’s not to say you should neglect training your abs. Exercises that target the abdominals combined with focus on core stability during other exercises should be part of every workout routine. You want to have a nice set of abs ready to show when you are able to cut your body fat.

Achieving that washboard look is a process and for many a long one. Most people can get their abs to start showing around 12-14% body fat and a good 6-pack look around 10% or so. I’m loathe to use body fat percentage for anything health-related, but I want to make it clear that the body fat percentage required for your 6 pack abs to show is a good bit below the body fat percentage most individuals in the healthcare field would consider a healthy weight. Getting those abs to show takes additional effort as dieting to lose fat gets harder the more you lose. Every calorie counts and you need to watch what you eat carefully. I won’t get into exact calculations because those are specific to each individual and beyond the scope and intent of this posting, but it requires monitoring and adjusting on a consistent basis.

This is a point I make with every client who has fat loss as their main goal, whether it be to reach a healthy weight or to reveal those amazing abs hiding just under the surface. It begins and ends in the kitchen! If you aren’t willing to change your diet and commit to monitoring it carefully, you won’t get the results you want.


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Daniel Cohen is a Can-Fit-Pro certified personal trainer who services Richmond Hill, Thornhill and parts of Markham, Maple and Vaughan.

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